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Promoting Events
Liz loves organizing events and meeting new people. However, she has never been too excited over the promoting part. Usually, she would spread the word through Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, etc. When a big event comes around, she would also put fliers on cars parked near where the event will be. However, what Liz really wants is a quick and efficient way to reach not only her friends, but also everyone around the area. So, when she found out about PebbleBox, she was thrilled! All posts in PebbleBox are location-sensitive. Liz can easily pinpoint each event right on its map. People who are in the area or happen to be browsing around there would be able to see it instantly. Furthermore, Even from her cell phone, she can post her entire week's social schedule within minutes. Everything she wants to do, PebbleBox has already streamlined for her. Now, with PebbleBox assisting her, Liz can spend more time doing what she loves - coming up with more exciting and creative events - and less time on promoting them!
Liz New York, NY "People who live or hangout around the area are the ones I want to reach."